About Brian Brotherston

Watershed Financial Solutions

Our mission is simple.
To ensure the wealth accumulated in a business or portfolio stays in the hands of the families who created it. Despite injury, illness, or even death, a good plan allows for continued wealth accumulation and passing that wealth smoothly to the next generation.

As a portfolio review specialist, I provide my clients with a custom retirement analysis. They get a professionally managed and regularly balanced portfolio. Above all, my clients gain confidence, peace of mind, and reach their goals without having to chase returns.

Why we do what we do?

Watershed Financial Solutions was formed to assist clients in the much-needed preparation for an uncertain financial future. We strongly believe and implement a holistic approach in our business practices. Any solid approach needs to listen and take the client’s entire situation into account before making any recommendations. Whatever your experience is with money we come along side to help with wealth accumulation, legacy building, estate transfer, or business protection. A structured approach will always serve the client best. Our passion is to identify the issues and solve the problems people face when making the necessary decisions to ensure their financial future.

As for our experience, we have worked for large companies on team projects both as a team member and a leader. We know some of the challenges an employee can face both at work and with family planning. We have also had to face business challenges as an entrepreneur and can relate well to clients who are putting themselves out to the marketplace every day. We also have real estate experience and have dealt firsthand with challenges of holding properties. For some this may be potentially their largest asset. We are fully equipped to advise on matters that might concern those real estate needs and plans. At Watershed Financial Solutions we take a holistic approach to each situation and develop a solution that involves the client fully and will be a tailored response to our meetings, and an educated forecast to minimize risks for the future.

Brian Brotherston BA, BFA, QAFP
Qualified Associate Financial Planner
CEO Watershed Financial Solutions